Micro Soccer will Return in October of 2023

Micro Soccer Program for Boys and Girls Ages 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 years old

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Parent testimonials

"We are really enjoying the program." - Elizabeth D.

"I couldn't let this weekend go by without emailing you and thanking you for all of your efforts! My daughter had never touched a soccer ball before these Fall sessions and has repeatedly told us how much she enjoyed her Saturday mornings with you. You coach with such a positive attitude, love for kids, and great sense of humor. The kids were influenced by that attitude and love for the game. Thanks again."
- Sara C.

“I just wanted to Thank You. My daughter attended on Saturday, had a great time and learned a few things that she is continuing to work on. Thank you for putting the time and energy into this event.”
- Wendy W .

My son is 7 and he did it last spring and loved it! It was well run. We would like to continue for winter and spring again.
- Michelle G.

Been in it for 2 years now.
- Samantha G.

My daughter has been participating in Greece Micro Soccer (age 7-8) the past two sessions and has really enjoyed it.
- Amy B.

She played 3 V 3 when it was scrimmage time and she loved it and definitely hustled more.
- Jaime S.

My daughter had a lot of fun. Thanks a lot – you all did a great job with all of those little ones!!!
- Wendy W.

This is our twin boys' 3rd year in the program and we absolutely love it. We've tried other programs locally and we always find ourselves coming back to Micro Soccer. The coaches cannot be beat. They are the friendly, supportive and in touch with their students. You can tell they truly care about what they do. We are now GUFC lifers!
- Lana M.

Thank you!!! Our son is very excited to be part of your program.
- Christine B.

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Parents Guide To Soccer

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